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How To Use 100% Free Facebook Ads To Build A 6-Figure Business From Scratch

Time Stamps

00:00:00 Mike Filsaime introduces Martin Boeddeker

00:05:59 Martin’s Success With Groove & Other Affiliate Programs


00:07:01 Why Facebook Bans Paid Ad Accounts


00:07:50 Why Thoughts Become Things


00:08:50 The Webinar Agreement


00:10:51 What Is Your Why?


00:11:50 Martin’s Success As An Online Poker Player And Engineer In The Corporate World


00:13:07 Why Martin Created FindFocus


00:13:53 The One Event That Changed Everything For Martin


00:14:38 What Happened To FindFocus


00:16:56 Why Mike Filsaime Was The “Light At The End Of The Tunnel” For Martin


00:18:02 The Insane Offer That Mike Will NEVER Do Again. EVER


00:19:01 How Martin Pivoted After FindFocus Failed


00:22:47 What Martin Learned From Talked To The Highest Paid Experts In The World


00:27:13 A Caveat You Need To Know


00:28:52 How To Go From Zero To $100,000 A Month With Paid Traffic


00:30:29 Straight Talk About Paid Traffics (Experts Reveal The Ugly Truth Only Experts Know)


00:37:21 How To Exploit Facebook When Your Ad Account Gets Banned


00:38:08 The One Strategy That Works For Everyone


00:40:10 Martin’s Outlier Experience And “True Breakthrough”


00:41:30 How To Make $3,184 Per Hour


00:42:54 New Opportunities From Groove


00:45:14 What All Groove „Rising Star“ Success Stories Have In Common


00:46:07 What Are 100% Free Facebook Ads?


00:49:44 Online Marketing Made Simple: Real Numbers When Running Free Facebook Ads


00:51:32 Why Despite His Success Martin Went Back From SEO & Youtube To Focus On Free Facebook Ads


00:51:49 The One Strategy That Converted 96% Of Prospects To Buy An $18,000 Offer (That Even Made Rich Schefren Completely Change His Mind)


00:54:57 The Secret Weapon To Leverage Free Facebook Ads (Backed With Proof)


00:56:57 The Push-Button-Profit Friend Finder Explained.


01:03:14 How To Sell Groove With Free Facebook Ads: Tuan Nguyen Case Study


01:06:25 Live Demo Of Martin’s “Secret Weapon”

01:20:45 The Ads Made Free Accelerator Program Explained


01:26:25 How To Set Up Your Own Viral Marketing Funnel


01:28:10 How Kevin Strite Got A 50% Conversion After Joining The Accelerator


01:30:29 AI-Selling Secrets Explained


01:32:18 What Is The Facebook Treasure Chest


01:36:06 How One Groove Customers Can Generate 3,445.20 In Profit FOR YOU


01:37:00 Martin’s Hidden Agenda Revealed


01:38:55 The Pareto Summit-Bonus Explained


01:43:02 Big Business Profits- Bonus Explained


01:44:14 The Get-It-Done Accelerator Bonus Explained


01:46:11 The “Extended” Mastermind Group Bonus Explained


01:49:20 How To Get Started With The Ads Made Free Accelerator


01:53:40 Why Martin’s Does Not Think He Fulfilled His Promise


01:55:30 How To Offer Martin’s Groove Bonus As Your Own (Must Watch)


01:58:17 The Groove Treasure Chest Explained (Webinar Only Offer)

02:04:32 How To Make $100,000 With ELMessenger & Groove

02:06:22 How To Keep ELMessenger For 50% Off.

02:09:25 The 30-Day Money Back Guarantee Explained

02:10:52 How ELMessenger Pro Is Different From Chatmatic And Other Chatbots

02:13:21 What To Do If You Do Not Know If This Is Right For You

02:15:28 Martin’s Real Goal Behind Creating The Ads Made Free Accelerator

02:28:41 Final Words From Joe Jablonski

Recap Of Everything You Get When You Join The Accelerator Before Tuesday On Midnight



Weekly Training &


What is it?

Ads Made Free is a new way to get clients and customers with Free Facebook Marketing by using advanced automation and AI that goes beyond what is currently known as "profile funnels". 

Who is it for?

Free Facebook Ads is the best way to start an online business for new and intermediate online entrepreneurs that want to make their first (or next) $100,000 online (in pure profit) without risk or paying for expensive ads that don't work. 

Where does it happen?

The AdsMadeFree course uses Groove to provide on demand video training, checklists, templates, done-for-you funnels, etc. 
Besides that there is a dedicated Facebook Group for the ELMessenger Software, a private discord channel for ongoing support as well as weekly Zoom meetings. 

How does it work?

Unlike traditional "organic Marketing" the Free Facebook Ads turn your messenger into an email autoresponder to actively find new clients and customers on autopilot complimented with AI based content marketing strategy. 

When does it start?

After joining the AdsMadeFree program you'll get direct access to a membership area that provides a foundational training, access to the ELMessenger software. Besides that will you'll be invited to join the private support groups and to participate in the ongoing weekly Zoom trainings to get personal help from Martin.  

Why does it exist?

AdsMadeFree uses advanced automation and AI to bridge the gab by making free organic marketing scalable. Traditional Organic Marketing and profile funnels require too much work while paid advertising, solo ads, etc. are to competitive and expensive for new online entrepreneurs.

Includes Exclusive Access To ELMessenger Pro

ELMessenger Pro is an essentiell tool to make the Ads Made Free strategy work. It's an all-in-one tool suite that lets you automate the four most important components of Free Facebook Marketing:

Outreach, Follow Up & Organization, and Engagement. ​

Here are just a few of the things this tool can do for you:​

Run Free "Ads Campaigns"

Automatically reach out to people who identified themselves as your ideal prospects.

Automate The Follow Up

Never miss another opportunity to make a sale by using automated follow-up campaigns. 

Automate Mundane Tasks

Eliminate time- and energy consuming tasks like replying to comments that can easily be automated.

Close More Sales

Spend less time looking for leads and more time actually talking to customers that are likely to buy from you.

Battle-tested and Proven

We don't just talk. We deliver.

Here Is What Other People Say About The ELMessenger

Here's What You Get Beside The ELMessenger Software When You Join The Ads Made Free Accelerator Today

AI- Selling Secrets

In this module you will learn how to use a free AI tool to create content with the push of a button.

You'll never have to worry about creating copy or creating new templates for the free Facebook Ad campaigns you run with ELMessenger, so you can focus on what matters most: 

Connecting your your ideal prospects and customers and making the sale.   

Push-Button Profit Frameworks (coming soon)

Use Martin's proven frameworks to sell Groove, the Ads Made Free accelerator, other affiliate products or your own products and services.  

You will be able to import full configurations directly into ELMessenger which means you can get started right away with tags, proven and high converting message templates that sell Groove and other products on autopilot.  

Done-For-You Marketing Viral Funnel (Value $997)

You'll get access to Martin's viral marketing funnel, and additional white-label software you can give away as lead magnets to your audience that go beyond what is available in the free version. 

These funnels will allow you to sell Groove and the AdsMadeFree accelerator with different angle, so are able to differentiate yourself from all the other affiliates by leveraging Martin's work and providing more value to your customers.  

40% + 10% Butterfly Marketing Upgrade (Value $997)

The AdsMadeFree Accelerator uses Groove's proven butterfly marketing concept.

When you join today you'll be immediately upgraded to 40% Tier 1 affiliate commissions for the customers you refer and 10% Tier 2 affiliate commissions for the customers your leads refer to the AdsMadeFree Accelerator. 

My Secret Facebook Treasure Chest (Priceless)

You get immediate access to my ever-growing secret Facebook treasure chest that contains tens of thousands Facebook posts to see what kind of content will get you the best results.

Sort the list by number of likes, comments, look for patterns from successful other marketers or use this as inspiration for creating or own content. 

Even better: Simply use what you learn in AI-Selling-Secrets to create 100% unique but almost identical content with the push of a button. 

Take Advantage Of This Special Groove Only Offer Before The Price Increases To $1997



Regular Price: $1997

Groove Special: $997 

Yes, I Want To Get Epic Automation!
  • Special Groove Digital Presents Bonuses

    Pareto Summit VIP All Access Pass (Value $2,879)

    Learn some of the best­ kept Marketing Secrets ever invented, Free. For this charity event Martin spent six month working fulltime to track down 40+ World-Class entrepreneurs convinced them to reveal the missing 20% they don't disclose in their webinars and sales presentations that will generate 80% of your results. 

    What's included In The VIP All Access Pass

    You'll learn all about High-Ticket Affiliate Marketing from people like Spencer Mecham, Andrew James, Tyler S. Clark, Alex S. Elliot, Dr. Mark T. Wade, Jim Edwards, building 7-Figure marketing funnels from people like Mike Filsaime, Mike, Koenigs, Akbar Scheikh, Blake Nubar, Kathryn Jones or scaling your business from people like Perry Marshall, AJ Roberts, Jason West, Mike Klingler, and many more Two-Comma Club Winners & CEOs who revealed their best kept marketing secrets during this one of a kind Virtual Summit for sales and marketing. 

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    What The Experts Said About The Pareto Summit

    Feedback From Participants

    You Won't Believe What Else Is Included When You Join The AdsMadeFree Accelerator Before This Special Groove Only Offer Expires

    Big Business Profits (Value $1,997)

    Get access to Martin's secret vault of exclusive or hard to find online courses, check-lists and marketing strategies from experts like Jason Fladlien, Alex Becker, Jay Abraham. These are the exact course that Martin discovered (or attained exclusive rights to share) which he used to go from nobody to becoming a Groove Super Affiliate and create the AdsMadeFree accelerator. 

    Stop wasting your time consuming worthless lead-magnets by getting the best in-depth-courses (100% free) and benefit from the timeless knowledge that was vetted by Martin from some of the world's top marketing experts. 

    Get Started Now

    Get It Done - Accelerator ($1,997)

    Imagine... if you could get twice as much done in your life, without working more, or spending any more of your time. or if you could be working half the amount of time, and get the same amount done as you're accomplishing right now — freeing up the other half of your time to do with what you want… What would it mean to your business? So how do you increase, let alone DOUBLE, your productivity?

    As you might now FindFocus started out as a tool and blog about productivity. That's why I'd like to share the exact time management and productivity system I use to run my business with inside the Get It Done Accelerator.

    Get Started Now

    Weekly Coaching & Mastermind (Value $12,000)

    You are ready for success, aren't you? You know when I was in school, I always dreamed of being "cool." Having something few others had ... or having some personal "trick" that would make me irresistible to women... or just as a guy who would really be missed if he didn't show up. I never became that guy in school ... I'm still an introvert.

    So here is what I did instead. I learned how to get access to the most knowledgeable and highest paid experts in the industry and share there insights in my own mastermind group. That means you'll get direct access to me a supportive community that holds you accountable without paying the thousands of dollars others experts charge.

    Get Started Now

    Offer The Same Bonuses That Were Responsible For More Than $100,000 Affiliate Commissions From Groove When You Join Today!

    Use & Share Martin's Groove Affiliate Treasure Chest & Bonus Package To Promote Groove (Value Priceless)

    Get exclusive access to Martin vault of Groove promotion assets and offer the same bonuses Martin used to generate more than $100k in GrooveFunnels commissions. 

    Get Started Now

    Here Is What Other People Said About Martin's Groove Bonus Package

    You're Protected With My 100% Money Back Guarantee

    Try Ads Made Free Risk Free For 30 Days

     I am so confident about Ads Made Free and the ELMessenger that I will let you have it for free to test drive it, not for a week, not for 2 weeks, but for 1 full month. You'll not only get the product, but you'll get all the bonuses along with it. And if for any reason the Ads Made Free Accelerator does not help your business grow, I will gladly refund your investment, with out any questions asked.

    Yes, I Want To Try The Accelerator Risk Free!


    Your questions, answered

    How do I access the course?

    After enrolling in the Ads Made Free Acclerator you will receive unlimited access to a special membership area in GrooveMember and another special members area. Login details will be provided automatically via email upon joining the program.

    Are there any up-sells or down-sells after I invest into the program?

    There are no up or downsells. Martin's goal is to provide everything you need to build a sustainable business. His goal is to cure you from "shiny object syndrome" forever so you don't have to invest into any other info-product again. There are a lot of bonuses, so you can choose what you really need for your business (and ignore what is not relevant).  

    Is this suitable for beginners?

    Yes, absolutely. Martin created this program with beginners in mind, however even experts in Free Facebook marketing will learn things to take their business to the next level by using what you will learn in the AI-Selling Secrets or the Facebook Treasure Chest. 

    Does this only work for selling Groove?

    The focus on selling Groove is because of the special promotion. The Ads Made Free strategy works for every business whether you want to get clients to sell your own products and services or whether you want to sell affiliate products. Both strategies will be covered in-depth in the program. 

    Does the course end after 6 weeks?

    The 6-week program focuses on the foundation of the Ads Made Free strategy and the use of ELMessenger Pro. Your access to this content will NOT expire after 6 weeks and you can refer to it as often as you like. The fundermentals never change. 

    How much is it actually worth?

    In this Martin shares everything he has learned to make over $100,000 without paying for ads and will hold nothing back. While he cannot guarantee that you will make money, he guarantees that you will keep all the money you make as profit because you will not have to invest in paid ads or other risky strategies. This is priceless. 

    Join The Ads Made Free Accelerators Before The Countdown Timer Hits Zero

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